I had a bad feeling the minute we stepped off the plane and into the airport.

We were now in the mysterious land of Vlad the Impaler (Dracula), but that wasn’t it.

We were tired, jet-lagged and not thinking straight, but did that make a difference?


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In a land far, far away, surrounded by rivers and jungles, live one of the world’s most peaceful people. The forest people. We call them orangutans, which is translated literally as orang meaning “person” and hutan meaning “forest”.

Native to the rain forests of Indonesia and Malaysia, these amazing beings share 97% of their DNA with humans. The absolutely devastating thing is their forest is being taken away by humans. We are destroying their habitat, burning down the trees and instead growing fields and fields of palm oil plantations.
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Whale Watching and Exploring the Witch History in Salem

salem harbor | compassionatenomads.com

Salem, Massachusetts


We are masochists. Really. Backpacking for 6+ hours a day on cobblestone streets in the freezing cold and wind is only for the super adamant adventurers. My feet and back are obliterated. But it was amazing fun. And yes, I’m only talking about one weekend. We got off work, hopped a plane and there we were in 3.5 hours.

So welcome everyone! This is my very first blog post here (yay!) and I thought I’d start with our most recent little getaway last weekend to Boston and Salem for our nine year wedding anniversary! We used our mileage points to fly and stay in hotels for free. More on how we do this in a future blog post. (I promise!)

For now, check out these beautiful whales!
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Image above from VeganStreet.com :)

I get this question a lot… how on Earth do you stay vegan when you travel so much? Well, sometimes it’s pretty easy (and exciting to try new things!), other times, it takes some effort. Planning ahead really helps. Here’s a few things I recommend.

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