Musings | me in the Forest

Me alone in the forest

With only the rustling

Of leaves and the songs

Sung by birds

Tiny seedlings popping

Out of the ground—they love

That there is no one else around

I teeter over a log on a muddy stream

This all must be a dream

I drift out into

A clearing of trees

Sitting there quietly,

a sacred young deer who

Locks eyes while

Putting me in a trance

Looking me up and down

And says, “ok, you are

Welcome here

But steer clear.”

Slithering snakes come out

Of an ancient decaying tree

I wonder aloud where have you

Been all my life

“Here, we are one,” they said,

“The beauty in me is

The beauty in you.”

The woodpecker grinned,

And the frog grunted

So I agreed.

Off I floated

Down the path

Me in the forest

I am not alone.

~Musings by Brooke


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