I Left my Heart at Heartland Farm Sanctuary

I’m a huge animal lover. HUGE. And not just that, I think the least we can do in the world is not harm animals when we have no reason to.

sanctuary-2We can live and thrive wonderfully without harming others and by living vegan.

In honor of World Farm Animals Day, I’m doing the #fastforslaughter on October 2nd. Learn more here: www.dayforanimals.org/

I’ve now been vegan for 4 years after reading The Kind Diet and watching some documentaries and videos on YouTube that changed my heart and mind forever and Jerrod’s too. We never really realized the harm that was caused by just the things we do everyday. Things we don’t need to do to survive like our ancestors did. Things that are easy to do like just paying attention to what we are buying and making more cruelty-free choices. The animal agriculture industry is now a monster of producing mass quantities of meat, eggs and dairy to the detriment of the animals, the planet and our health.

People are breeding so many animals right now that use up TONS of resources that we could be using more sustainably. For example, water. One pound of animal protein requires about 100 times more water than producing one pound of grain protein. Animal agriculture causes more greenhouse gases than all transportation (cars, trains, planes) COMBINED.

56 billion animals are slaughtered for food every year. Animals no different than the ones we visited at the sanctuary, and no different than the cats and dogs most people love dearly.

We use animals for food, entertainment and clothing when we don’t need to. It’s unsustainable and there are better, more sustainable, less cruel options in the modern world that don’t involve the suffering of animals.

Visiting the Heartland Farm Sanctuary makes it glaringly obvious the effects our habits have on the animals. Each and every one of these animals are living, feeling sentient beings who have suffered by the hands of humans and were rescued and now can live in peace (although some suffer life-long health problems due to the way they were bred and their lives are cut short.)

Spending time with these animals you KNOW they can feel and they can feel your love. Each animal is an individual, with individual likes, dislikes, habits and personalities. They are my friends, not food!


We also stopped at this amazing 100% vegan restaurant on the way near Wisconsin Dells called The Cheeze Factory! It was SO YUMMY. Apparently, they used to serve cheese, but found a great alternative and wanted to promote veganism. Very brave in the heart of the Dairyland! But it’s a very popular restaurant that even non-vegans LOVE. Well, of course they do. Vegan food rules.

The Cheeze Factory

I COULD NOT DECIDE cause they had such a great menu, but I decided on the ‘Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise’ House Specialty- highly recommend!, and we got the Rattlesnake Tofu as an appetizer and their AMAZING cheezecake, made out of cashews! It’s so yum!


Roadtrip success with my compassionate vegan friends! Dan, Sarah, me and Clara… you gotta check out Sarah’s website at www.whyveganism.com!


And if you’d like to visit The Heartland Farm Sanctuary, check out their website here: http://heartlandfarmsanctuary.org/

Peace. Love. Travel.



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