Finland – a b&w journal.

I felt almost a sense of nostalgia stepping foot in Finland, the same place where my great grandparents set off to America from in the early 1900’s.


Growing up, I heard stories from my grandma (Mummu) and her sister, my great-aunt Helen, who took the ship right after the Titanic with her parents and her other sister. My grandma was born in the United States, but had always wanted to visit Finland and unfortunately never got the chance. She taught me Finnish words and much about the culture, and I thought about those words the whole time I was there.

Unfortunately, we were only in Helsinki for 2 days (not long enough!) but we were able to see the port of Helsinki and take a ferry to the fortress of Suomenlinna– a World Heritage Site. And we took a train and walked to Seurasaari island- an open air museum, which was basically like walking through a beautiful forest seeing old houses that were transported from different parts of Finland to that island to be preserved. There was also a nude beach there- as skinny dipping is a favorite pastime of Finns! 😀

Helsinki felt like home to me. Everyone was friendly and there were so many interesting things to look at- the city itself is like a work of art.

I also know Mummu was with me in spirit, as I could feel her excitement in my bones. And in my heart. I chose to edit the photos in black and white as a tribute to my Mummu and all our family and ancestors and because it is how it all felt to me:

Venerable. Mystical. Dignified.


If you’d like to see the photos in larger size or order a print, check out the gallery on my photography site CLICK HERE 🙂

(rest in peace, Gram <3 )

Thanks for checking out my blog!

Peace. Love. Travel.



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